How to Establish God's Kingdom

Rule in Your Business and Marketplace

This virtual event is about how to establish God’s Kingdom Rule in your business and the marketplace. You will do this by learning how to unlock Heaven’s resources, operate a Supernatural Business, take dominion on the business mountain and transform your community. And by knowing how to access Heaven and bring it to Earth. To learn more, you can go to HeavenpreneurSummit.com So don't miss out, sign up today!

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This fall, October 14-19, 2018 will be the first Heavenpreneur virtual summit featuring proven entrepreneurs.

You will meet 12+ prominent and proven heavenpreneurs, business owners, service professionals, coaches, etc who will share how they learned to tap into God's Kingdom revelations, operations, calculations in their businesses and organizations that bring about transformation in the marketplace.

Doing business without the help from the Kingdom of God is like driving into the unknown. You don't know what you'll encounter on the other side.

Who's Speaking at the Heavenpreneur Summit?

(More Speakers Will Be Announced Soon!)

Wendy Twine

Your Summit Host

Intro: What's a Heavenpreneur

Speaker #4

Rodica Lambert

Change Your Heart &

Change Your World

Speaker #8

Darren Shearer

How to Become a

Marketplace Christian

Speaker #1

Patrice Tsague

Profitability & Purpose

Speaker #5

Martin Powell

Money Matters:

In My Kingdom

Speaker #9

Barbara Kohler

Removing Invisible Boundries

Speaker #2

Tenita Johnson

The Power of Your Story

Speaker #6

Cyndi Houser & Rob Haynes

Go Vertical by Partnering

with The Kingdom

Speaker #10

Dr. Jim Harris

Be an Impactor by Tapping

into Your Unfair Advantage

Speaker #3

Tim Porter

God's Business Revolution

Speaker #7

Shae Bynes

Working By Grace

 Instead of Grind

Speaker #11

Steven Musick

Partnering with

Heaven On Earth

What You'll Be Learning

(Topics of Consideration)


Learn how to tap into God's revelations, unlock Heaven's resources and bring the riches of Heaven into your business.

Kingdom Partnership

Removing Invisible Boundaries

Your Unfair Advantage


Learn how to expand your territory in your business and marketplace by knowing how to operate from God's Kingdom principles.

The Power of Story

Markeplace Christianity

Working By Grace Over Grind


Learn how to multiply your funds from God's Kingdom principles and build a sustainable business that will last for future generations.

Principles of God's Economy

Money Matters In My Kingdom

Building A Legacy


Learn how to transform your business and communities by aligning, inviting and engaging in Heaven's strategies on Earth.

God's Business Revolution

Be A World Changer

Level 3 Transformation

DDo you consider yourself a Heavenpreneur by bringing Heaven into Earth in your business? Would you like to speak about how to restore the Business Mountain for God's Kingdom Rule?

Will you be able to say, "Last year's event was one of the best I've ever attended."

-Wendy Twine

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Hi! I'm your summit host, Wendy Twine.

Professional Guide and Realignment Strategist for Beginning + Growing Heanvenpreneurs.

I have partnered with Use A Pro "Lighthouse Contracting & Consulting, Inc." to coordinate and bring this summit to those individuals who are entrepreneurs, business owners, service professionals, or wannabes who are kingdom minded and want to see Heaven manifested on Earth in the business mountain.

I love to help these type of individuals prepare, position and prosper through various mediums as “Heavenpreneurs.” Respected experts in their fields creating and bringing value, generating income, and serving the marketplace for a higher purpose.

This is accomplished by those sharing their life experience, expert knowledge, passions and services with others in a manner that supports their ideal work-lifestyles and establishing God's Kingdom Rule in their business and marketplace.

Learn more about me and my work at WendyTwine.com

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